Workers Compensation


Workers Compensation law is designed to protect people who suffer a work-related injury. Arnold and Kadjan’s experienced workers compensation attorneys have earned the respect of insurance companies and defense attorneys alike, and are recognized as leaders in the field. We have resolved thousands of workers compensation cases, and we offer the knowledge, expertise and resources that are unmatched.

That’s important because Illinois Workers Compensation laws are complex, and can often lead to potential cases for third-party product liability, medical malpractice and negligence, to name a few. These present potential second-recovery cases, and with our wide range of personal injury areas, we are well positioned to aggressively pursue third-party litigation to help our clients receive maximum compensation. Because of our extensive ERISA exposure, we can determine if the client may be entitled to disability benefits under a welfare or pension plan and assist in making such application.

Workers Compensation can be complicated by Total and Temporary Disability (TTD) wage differentials and light duty issues.

We also go beyond strict legal assistance to help our clients get back to a life that is satisfying and productive. We help clients obtain vocational rehabilitation services, if necessary, to help restore lost earning power. Many of our clients go on to receive additional education or attend certification programs that enable them to gain the necessary skills that help them restore their earning power.

We take pride in maximizing the settlements we obtain for our workers compensation clients. When life takes an unexpected turn resulting in an on-the-job injury, look to Arnold and Kadjan to make it better.